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What is EZ Vapor?

The EZ Vapor is the ultimate user-friendly light steam iron. The EZ Vapor is manufactured with high technology standards and made from high quality components & materials.

The uniqueness of the EZ Vapor reviles great advantages such as:

1. Multi-purpose steam iron, which can be used for domestic and travel.
2. The EZ Vapor is so light and small, weight less than 1 pound!!!
3. The EZ Vapor has powerful steam and can be used on nearly all fabrics.
4. The EZ Vapor is designed for world wide use. The cable can be used for 110v and 220v.

EZ Vapor has special benefits:

1. You can hang the clothes directly on a hanger and use the EZ Vapor to iron. An ironing board is not necessary.
2. You can use it for dry cleaning. Just steam the clothes with or without the nylon brush and the clothes will be refreshed.
3. Use the EZ Vapor to refresh and iron curtains without removing them.
4. You don’t have to wait - The steam comes out in seconds.
5. The EZ Vapor will never burn your clothes.

The EZ Vapor is a best seller and a perfect buy Combining great benefits and advantages.